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After completing his training in the Intergalactic Classroom, Paul worked tirelessly in social welfare and the healing arts. For more than 30+ years, he was instrumental in empowering and facilitating healing in others. His goal is now and has always been the empowerment of humanity and Planet Earth. Recently, he shifted his focus to writing and teaching others from his training in the Intergalactic Classroom. Now as we move into the Light Phase of the Galactic Rotation, it is important for everyone to have some basic training in metaphysical understanding. Through his knowledge base, he can facilitate all of humanity into becoming Galactic Humans!

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Channeled from Angelic Seraphim Metatron. This activation opens all the chakras from the Heart to the Sky of the Heart above the Third Eye. It allows the person to see their true Soul Purpose and to know the best path to reaching the 5th Dimension.

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Heart        Merkabah



Channelled from Angelic Seraphim Metatron, this Activation creates a permanent Merkabah inside your Heart Chakra. It allows the person to be more attuned to the higher frequencies of the 5th Dimension and aids them in functioning from the highest vibration of Love.

Color and Sound


Cost: $170

Utilizing color and sound via tuning forks, voice, scents, and visualization I help you to balance and clear your entire system. This process has an extraordinary effect on the overall well-being of the individual. Sessions usually run an hour. To schedule an appointment click below.



Paul has been a medium his entire life. This gift allows him the ability to guide others to their highest and truest purpose. The session is 1 hour.

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Cost: $100/hour

Through a variety of modalities, Paul aids and facilitates the healing process for the individuals. He calls upon archangelic beings, ascended masters, and spirit doctors from the Higher Frequencies to assist you in your healing process.

Cost: $850 covers 4 days of therapy

 Yhandhi is a Complementary and Alternative Healing Process that accesses, determines, and heals the negative and repressed emotions and self-destructive thoughts that the Inner Child and Adult have unconsciously stored in their mental/emotional energy systems. The Healing and Integration of the Inner Child and Adult results in immediate peace of mind, creative productivity, clarity, and joy. This course includes:
Dysfunctional Family and Co-dependence
Core Issues: Control-Attachment
Stress Disorder Syndrome
Yhandi’s Inner Light – A four-session process for healing the Inner Child/Adult
Therapeutic counseling during treatment

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Future Events

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Holistic Festival of Life and Wellness November 7

Heavenly Lesson:

Things to Know for the 

New Age

This book is for those people that are looking a better explanation about why the world is going through such dramatic changes. It, also, offers to those that are seeking a better way to live their life. It is my wish to share my experiences in the Intergalactic Classroom to help trigger others to awaken to a fuller and more enlightened state.

Love and happiness should be the goal of every individual on this planet. This book is designed to awaken, prepare, and help  you to begin the process of Ascension. We must all awaken to our individual dharma and do what we are here to do. Stop wallowing in fear and ego traps the Earth is changing and so are you! The choice is yours! Follow the advice and lessons in Heavenly Lessons to begin the journey toward your full potential.

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North Tarrant Holistic Fair August 14

Wellness Expo-Waxahacie October 9 & 10

North Tarrant Holistic Fair October 17


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This book will cover more topics from my training in the Intergalactic Classroom. Some of the topics include entering in the 5th Dimension and what it really means. Ascension and what it really means for your spiritual development, and important Laws of the Universe to know for the 5th Dimension.

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